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mFortune sister sites include Jammy Monkey, Casino 2020, Cashmo, Pocket Win, Bonus Boss, Mr Spin and Dr Slot. mFortune sister sites are operated by In Touch Games Limited.

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mFortune Sister Sites 2022

Jammy Monkey

Jammy Monkey sister sites


We’re starting – perhaps counter-intuitively – with the most recently released of all the mFortune sister sites. mFortune is the longest-standing of all the In Touch Games casinos, with a launch year of 2007, but Jammy Monkey has only been with us since 2021. It’s still finding its feet in the incredibly busy, competitive online casino marketplace. In truth, it doesn’t come with much that makes it stand out. A cute monkey mascot can and should go a long way with players, but other than including the monkey in the logo (where it greets us with a coy wink), Jammy Monkey hasn’t taken the maximum advantage of this marketing aid. None of the mFortune sister sites goes heavy with their themes, but Jammy Monkey comes in light even by the standards of In Touch Games. There’s the odd reference to “going bananas” in the promotional text of the purple-and-white casino site, but that’s as far as the operator is willing to go.

A lot of what we’re about to tell you about Jammy Monkey is also true of all of the mFortune sister sites. None of the casinos carries slots made by well-known providers. You won’t find the best of Microgaming, Pragmatic Play or anybody else here. Instead, every single slot was built and supplied by Slot Factory. That’s a development team that exists under the In Touch Games umbrella and handles game development for all of the mFortune sister sites. It’s the great hope of In Touch Games that players will be persuaded to come to the company’s casinos because they want to play something other than the same old slots and games they see everywhere else. Jammy Monkey offers unique experiences even if the site does look a little bland, and you can try them out with a £10 no deposit bonus if you’re on the fence. Presuming you like what you see, your first deposit at the site is matched at 300% up to a maximum of £300, although x40 wagering requirements apply.

Jammy Monkey website

Bonus Boss

Bonus Boss sister sites


Bonus Boss is the mFortune sister site that wants to make you feel like a made man or woman – and we mean that in the mafia sense. We know that we’ve only just said that none of the mFortune sister sites goes heavy with their themes, but Bonus Boss is the exception that proves the rule. The mafia stylings of this casino start with the character of the Don who greets you on the homepage, and continue throughout the promotional text on the Bonus Boss casino site. Even some of the casino games here – all of which are online slots supplied by Slot Factory – feature the Bonus Boss branding. It’s a casino site with a cohesive look and feel along with a modern style. The latter isn’t especially surprising given that Bonus Boss launched in 2020. The cartoonish gangster characters are cool and entertaining, the colour scheme is easy on the eye, and everything is just about where you want it to be, whether you’re playing on a mobile device or a laptop. Bonus Boss gets full marks for design.

We know that some of you don’t care about design. Whether we’re talking about Bonus Boss or any of the other mFortune sister sites, you’re a lot more interested in the content. That’s where you might find Bonus Boss a little lacking. It gets a new slots game every month, but it’s yet to reach fifty slots in total. That’s not a lot to play with, and given that you’re unlikely to fall in love with all of them, you might run out of viable new options after a while. There’s also a lack of originality about the promotions and bonuses at Bonus Boss, all of which are replicated at Jammy Monkey. It’s not uncommon for casino network companies to use templates when they’re building new sites, but it’s generally advisable to include a few differences, so players have a reason to choose one casino over another. The only reason you’d pick Bonus Boss over Jammy Monkey is that you prefer the theme. It’s as good a reason as any, but we’d like to have something more substantial to go off.

Bonus Boss Website

Pocket Win

Pocketwin sister sites


Each of the mFortune sister sites has been designed and formatted specifically so it works perfectly on a mobile device. However, two of the casinos on the network go further than the others with that idea. One of them is Cashmo, which we’ll get around to looking at shortly. The other is Pocket Win. It’s a vintage-looking purple and white casino that looks far older than it actually is. Despite its retro look, Pocket Win has only been online since 2018. The minimalist design is a deliberate choice to ensure that loading times and processes on mobile devices are smooth and efficient. Despite this, Pocket Win manages to pack in more content than the average mFortune sister sites. Most of the casinos on this network do online slots and nothing else. Pocket Win finds room to include blackjack and roulette to do with its range of around fifty slots.

Everybody likes a “try before they buy” offer, so it’s great to see that Pocket Win provides a £10 free no deposit bonus to all new players. There’s no way of knowing whether the games at Pocket Win are for you or not until you play them because you’ll never have played them anywhere else. Allowing players to try them out for what’s essentially a trial run is a great way to build confidence. This commitment to being user-friendly is a recurring theme at Pocket Win, which also sets its minimum bet at a mere 1p a spin. It almost goes without saying that you’ll never win big if you play with stakes so low, but for players who care more about the excitement than the bottom line, it’s an appreciated gesture. For players at the other end of the scale, Pocket Win offers a 200% matched deposit up to a maximum of £100 and an enormous site-wide progressive jackpot that’s always in the six-figure range and sometimes goes close to £200,000. In keeping with the “play on your phone” theme, Pocket Win allows deposits to be made via mobile devices. Withdrawals can’t be made the same way.

Pocket Win Website

Dr Slot

Dr Slot sister sites

Dr Slot is the proud owner of a PhD in casino operations, and he’s happy to share the benefits of his knowledge and experience with anyone who visits his casino site. That, in a nutshell, is the basis of Dr Slot. The reality of Dr Slot is a little different. This was a golden opportunity for In Touch Games to put Dr Slot head and shoulders above almost all the other mFortune sister sites by introducing a “crazy doctor” mascot and having him be the fact of this casino site in the same way that the Don is the face of Bonus Boss. Instead, Dr Slot is nowhere to be seen. There are no human mascot characters at this casino at all. Instead, the only hint of character is the presence of a watermelon representing the “O” in “Dr Slot.” It’s a nod to the classic days of online slots, and that classic and traditional theme is backed up by the blue neon design of the site. Dr Slot is not a casino that’s likely to blow visitors away with its sparkling good looks, but it still looks a whole lot better than it did in 2021 before its latest redesign.

Dr Slot launched in 2018 as casino number for in the In Touch Games family and began life with even fewer games than most of the mFortune sister sites. Visitors to Dr Slot had just eight slots to choose from during those early days. Such a miserably low number ought to have put visitors off the idea of signing up and playing, but instead, Dr Slot picked up “Best New Slots Site” at the 2019 Which Bingo Awards and has never really looked back. There are close to fifty slots at Dr Slot today, with an emphasis on “slots.” Unlike the better-equipped mFortune sister sites, Dr Slot doesn’t offer any other casino games save for “Dr Slot Roulette,” which is a fairly basic roulette simulator and (as far as we can tell) isn’t played by many of the casino’s members. If you want to check out what Dr Slot has up its sleeve before making a deposit, it’s willing to offer you a £5 free play around its games. Those who stick around and make a deposit can claim up to £1000 as a welcome offer depending on the size of the deposit they make. Wagering requirements are x40.

Dr Slot Website

Mr Spin

mr spin logo new 2021

We doubt that most of you will need a formal introduction to Mr Spin. mFortune will always be first among equals in the mFortune sister sites family because it’s been online for so long, but Mr Spin has long since eclipsed the veteran casino when it comes to popularity. That might be because it’s about as close as In Touch Games gets to a full-service casino site. There are online slots to play at this casino – you’d expect nothing else from a site called Mr Spin – but there’s also a dedicated section of the site for roulette and even a few bingo rooms. In Touch Games must have been in an ambitious mood when the company launched Mr Spin in 2016 – they haven’t come up with a casino site with this much mass appeal before or (if we’re being brutally honest) since

Mr Spin was only the third of the mFortune sister sites when it launched but was easily the most experimental of the casinos available through In Touch Games at the time. Today it’s a well-known casino site offering a little over fifty slots along with its aforementioned roulette wheels and bingo rooms, and if you look hard enough, you may even find there’s the odd card table available, too. This UK-operated casino offers a 100% match on first deposits up to a maximum of £100 (yes, the x40 wagering requirement is still there) and attaches special bonuses to each of the new games that arrive at Mr Spin from Slot Factory every month. There has to be a catch somewhere, though, so here it is. We’ve seen that most of the mFortune sister sites offer the equivalent of a “try before you buy” promotion. Some of the sites we’ve looked at thus far have offered £5 or £10. Mr Spin offers just £3. This might be the best-known of the mFortune sister sites, but it’s also the stingiest.

Mr Spin Website


Cashmo sister sites

A little while ago and a little closer to the top of this page, we mentioned that Pocket Win is one of two mFortune sister sites that devotes itself wholly to players on mobile phones and tablets. Cashmo is the other one. There’s a little clue to that fact in the casino’s name, which is a shorthand way of saying “Cash mobile.” “Casmo” might have made more sense as a shortening of “casino mobile,” but the name is what it is and has become very familiar to players in the UK. Cashmo has achieved a good amount of brand awareness and market penetration despite only being available for less than four years. Cashmo turned up right at the end of the last decade, going live for the first time in 2019. There was only a handful of slots available at Cashmo back then, but it was received with the same acclaim as Dr Slot before it. It was even named “Best New Slots Site” at the BingoPort Players Choice Awards in 2020.

There are several factors that the people behind Cashmo point to when asked to explain the casino’s success. One of them is that all the slots at Cashmo are developed in-house, but we could say that about any of the mFortune sister sites, and it would still be true. Another is that In Touch Games is one of the UK’s most trusted independent casino network companies, which is as true as it is irrelevant to most players. The fact that customer support is available 24/7 at Cashmo might have something to do with it, though. Like its sister sites, Cashmo offers bonuses linked to new games at the casino and – in a limited way – rolls the red carpet out to new players. Anyone who’s new to Cashmo can claim up to 500 as a welcome bonus, depending on the size of the first deposit they make. Before making that deposit, they can claim a £5 credit to check out a few of the site’s exclusive games. Further unspecified bonuses might be available on a week-to-week basis.

Cashmo website

Casino 2020

Casino 2020 sister sites

Casino 2020 was probably never supposed to become as big as it is. In 2019, someone at In Touch Games was sharp enough to realise that as the end of the year approached, players would start searching Google to find out what the hottest new casino of 2020 would be. After determining that “casino 2020” would be the most common search term entered by those players, In Touch Games came up with Casino 2020. Such was the volume of traffic and the influx of players that Casino 2020 left most of the mFortune sister sites in the dust. Even then, most analysts expected the performance of Casino 2020 to be a blip. It makes no sense that the casino is still around and still attracting players now than 2020 is a distant memory, but the site performs so well that In Touch Games has not (yet) seen a need to add to the mFortune sister sites family with a Casino 2021, Casino 2022 or Casino 2023.

The downside to all of this is that Casino 2020 competes with Jammy Monkey for the unwanted title of “least interesting mFortune sister site.” Both casinos have a bland design and suffer from a lack of personality. Thanks to the icy blue and white colour scheme, Casino 2020 can feel like a cold place to play games at. The “mega jackpot” at the site isn’t likely to set anybody on fire either, as it tends to settle below the six-figure mark and so is lower than the progressive jackpot at any other mFortune sister site. All is not lost, though – up to £300 is available to new players thanks to a pair of “bonus boosts” that apply to the first two deposits, and the usual £5 “try before you buy” offer still stands at Casino 2020, too. Despite the shortcomings we think it has, Casino 2020 was the Best New Slots Site at the BingoPort Players Choice Awards in 2021, which just goes to show that opinions can differ wildly.

Casino 2020 website

mFortune Review 2022

mFortune Website

New Player Welcome Offers

mFortune went all out with their new player welcome offers. First, there is up to £10 in bonus cash to collect before any deposit is made. Second, there is a 200% deposit bonus match up to £100. 40x wagering requirements apply to both offers and with the first welcome offer, there is a max conversion of £50.

mFortune is owned by In Touch Games Limited

In Touch Games Limited has become a vital part of the iGaming industry since the limited liability company was founded in 2001 by Emil Nestor, Simon Wilson and Caroline Wilson. In addition to the award-winning casino brands they have custom-built and maintained, they have also released in excess of 300 games; many of which you will find across their eight casino brands, which include Mr Spin, Dr Slot, Bonus Boss and Jammy Monkey.

Even though In Touch Games Ltd almost exclusively always uses their own content across their casino brands, they have still amassed a staunch and loyal following. Every year, over five million UK players spin the slots at mFortune and its sister sites, and the company itself has grown exponentially from three to over 500.

mFortune Monthly Promotions

Every month, mFortune puts the spotlight on one of their 100% exclusive online slot games. In addition to giving the fresh titles a little limelight, they also help players to enjoy them by offering Game of the Month Bonuses. Usually, the Game of the Month Bonuses come in the form of deposit match bonuses or offerings of bonus credit, but this online casino is notorious for switching it up with their offers.

Love the action at mFortune? Advocating it can pay off massively thanks to the refer a friend scheme. The casino will award £10 for each new recruit you bring on board, plus, the casino will give you equivalent to 50% of their first deposit! Better yet, you can be rewarded for recruiting up to six new players every month. Terms and conditions apply to the bonus credit, including 40x wagering restrictions. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30 PM, there are weekly bingo prize draws. To be in with a chance of winning a chunk of the prize fund, all you will have to do is hold 1 bingo ticket to any of the bingo rooms when the prize draw commences.

Last but not least, mFortune runs a loyalty scheme that allows players to bank loyalty points every time they deposit and play. The loyalty points can be exchanged for gifts in the Loyalty Store or bonus credit. From indoor Go-Karting experiences to lawn mowers to mFortune umbrellas, there is something for everyone in the loyalty store.

mFortune: Pros and Cons


• Exceptional loyalty scheme.

• Bingo prize draws every week.


• Limited game library.

• There are only two titles in the casino lobby.

Featured Slots and Casino Games

Don’t expect to find any online slot games from the usual big iGaming developers at mFortune. All of the content was provided by the in-house development team at In Touch Gaming Ltd. The selection may be slightly limited, but you couldn’t ask for a better selection of vibrant, imaginative and rewarding online slot games. If you have trouble taking your pick going off the titles and thumbnail artwork alone, you can always demo the online slots for free before you start to play for real money.

All of the titles are connected to a progressive jackpot prize network, the most popular include The Last Element, Money Grows on Trees, Vegas Vegas, Treasure Tomb, Wild Silver Slots, Wild Gold and Bells of Fortune. This In Touch Gaming Ltd site was evidently constructed to catch the eye of lovers of adventurous, quaint and quasi fantastical online slots, but there’s a decent amount of variety, especially with Rockin Reels, Sugar Skull Spins, Immortal Souls, and Sherlock: Murdered to Death in the online slot mix. If you head over to the casino tab, you will only see two video games: roulette and blackjack. So, there is evidently a lot of room for improvement here, at least the live bingo schedule is slightly less disappointing – there is no shortage of friendly bingo rooms to hop into, and better yet, the rooms are available to join for as little as 10p!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

mFortune is an exceptional casino for mobile players, not just in terms of the wide range of mobile-ready games; the casino also makes it incredibly easy for mobile players to top up through their phone bill. The min deposit for players choosing the Pay by Mobile option is £3. With every other deposit option, the minimum deposit required is £5. Other banking options include debit card payments, Apple Pay, PayPal and Pay Safe Card.

PayPal and Trustly bank transfer are by far the best ways to collect your winnings. However, on average, withdrawals take three to five days to process, including the pending period. It is also slightly disappointing that the minimum withdrawal amount is far higher than the minimum deposit amount at £20.

mFortune Customer Support and License

There aren’t many online casino operators that pour as much effort into their customer service as In Touch Games Ltd. All of their casino brands come with informative FAQ pages and multiple ways to get a fast response from the support team. Night or day, you can open the chat bubble and speak to an operative. If you would prefer to chat over the phone, just text help to 89910 to receive an instant call back. You can also use the email option if that suits you better.

As an In Touch Limited Ltd casino brand, mFortune is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission under the licence number, 2091.

mFortune – The Verdict

With fewer wagering restrictions on bonus funds and faster withdrawals, mFortune could be the perfect online casino for many players. Their range of bonus and promotional offers is infinitely more generous and impressive than most, and for mobile players, there are few better options thanks to the app and the Pay By Mobile options.

mfortune mobile