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Jammy Monkey sister sites include Mr Spin, Cashmo, mFortune, Bonus Boss, Casino 2020, Dr Slot and Pocket Win. Jammy Monkey is operated by In Touch Games Limited.

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Instaspin logo
£1000 Deposit Bonus
+ 100 Free Spins

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Bonus TermsNew players only. 18+. T&C's Apply
Bof Casino logo
250% up to £500
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Bonus TermsMin Deposit £10, Max £500 Bonus, 30x WR and Full T&Cs Apply. 18+
Doctor Spins logo
250% up to £2500
+ 50 Free Spins

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Bonus TermsNew players only. 18+. T&C's Apply
Instant Casino logo
Instant withdrawals
+ 10% Cashback

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Bonus TermsCashback paid weekly, £20 min deposit, max £10,000 cashback per week. Instant widthdrawals. Casino site terms apply.
Galaxy Spins logo
400% up to £2000
+ 100 Free Spins

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Bonus TermsNew players only. 18+. T&C's Apply
Superb Bet logo
200% up to £1000
Casino Bonus

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Bonus TermsNew players only. 18+. T&C's Apply
Seven Casino logo
£7500 Bonus
+ 10% Cashback

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Bonus TermsNew players only. 18+. T&C's Apply
Winner Casino logo
400% up to £4000
Casino Bonus

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Bonus TermsNew players only. 18+. T&C's Apply
Dealbet logo
400% up to £2800
Daily Cashback

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Bonus TermsMin Deposit £25, Max £2800 Bonus, 45x WR and Full T&Cs Apply. 18+
Prive Casino logo
200% up to £500
Deposit Bonus

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Bonus TermsMin Deposit £10, Max £8,888 Bonus over 5 deposits, 1st dep 200% up to £500. Full T&C's apply.

Jammy Monkey Sister Sites 2024

Pocket Win

Pocketwin sister sites

Pocket Win is an online casino site that belongs to a different era. It was 2010 when it became just the third of the Jammy Monkey sister sites to be launched on the In Touch Games Limited casino network. Back then, the ability to play casino games on your mobile phone was still thought of as a revolutionary idea. Technology had only just progressed to the point where such things were possible to do safely. In Touch Games was launched as a casino network company solely to cater for this emerging market. Playing on mobile devices is now the industry standard, and casino sites like Pocket Win have over a decade of goodwill wrapped up in their names.

For all the market share Pocket Win has captured over the years, this is still a small casino site. In Touch Games has an unusual business model. None of the Jammy Monkey sister sites features gaming content made by third-party providers. Instead, all the games at the casinos on this network are created by The Slot Factory, which is an in-house development team owned and operated by In Touch Games. To put that another way, In Touch Games doesn’t just make casino sites – it also makes the games that appear on those casino sites. The small selection of fifty-or-so slots you’ll find at Pocket Win isn’t available anywhere else, so this casino offers players a unique experience. If the slots aren’t enough to persuade you to take Pocket Win for a spin, the site also has a few bingo rooms and casino classics, including blackjack and roulette. On the other hand, if you’re interested in Pocket Wins because of its slots, you can even take them for a spin free of charge by accepting the casino’s £10 no deposit welcome offer. Just don’t expect to see any winnings from the offer – the combination of its low value and its x40 wagering requirement means it’s hard to get anything back out of it. If viewed purely as a way of checking out some of the games, it’s a good way to get to know the casino.

Pocket Win Website

Bonus Boss

Bonus Boss sister sites

Bonus Boss is one of the newer Jammy Monkey sister sites, and that’s evident from its exceptional design. Make no mistake about it – this is a good-looking casino. The “boss” in Bonus Boss is a reference to “boss” in the criminal sense of the word, reflecting the gangsters and mafia theme of Bonus Boss casino. That theme doesn’t just extend to the background of the casino and its mascot characters (including the boss himself, who welcomes you to his site) – you’ll also find it featured in some of the exclusive Bonus Boss games. That’s a further demonstration of the value of having an in-house provider like Slot Factory; In Touch Games came up with the idea of having a gangster-themed casino site, so Slot Factory supplied it with gangster-themed games. This isn’t an option that’s available to most online casinos, so it’s a feather in the cap of the Jammy Monkey sister sites.

The promotions at Bonus Boss are broadly similar to those available at Pocket Win (and, for that matter, Jammy Monkey). That means the no deposit welcome bonus offer still stands, but at Bonus Boss isn’t only £5 rather than £10. We guess that’s down to the mafia wanting to hold onto its money! On the other hand, first deposits at Bonus Boss can be boosted up to 300% with a maximum cap of £300 if newcomers to the site have the budget and willingness to max the offer out. The across-the-board 40x wagering requirement still applies to this enhanced welcome promotion, though, so think carefully before accepting any offers. Promotions are also offered on the newest game at the casino each month. Like all Jammy Monkey sister sites, Bonus Boss has a small portfolio of games, but Slot Factory can be relied upon to furnish the site with at least one new title every month.

Bonus Boss Website

Casino 2020

Casino 2020 sister sites

Everybody – including In Touch Games – expected the popularity of Casino 2020 to have waned by now. This Jammy Monkey sister site is the very definition of a gimmick casino. It was launched as a clever way of capitalising on Google searches towards the end of 2019. In Touch Games correctly predicted that players in the UK would soon start searching for terms similar to “new casino 2020,” and they wanted to make sure that everyone searching for those terms found one of their casinos. That’s why Casino 2020 was born. It was a very simple, very clever trick, and it’s easy to see how and why and worked. What’s harder to understand is how and why Casino 2020 has continued to attract players in the years since then. It might have started life as a one-trick pony, but it clearly has other tricks up its sleeve.

Whatever those tricks are, none of them relate to the theme or the appearance of Casino 2020. This is the plainest-looking of all the Jammy Monkey sister sites because the year 2020 is the only element of theming it was ever given. Aside from that, it’s a fairly plain blue and white casino site with a noticeably lower site-wide jackpot than any of its siblings. The fact that its no deposit welcome bonus is only £5 as opposed to the £10 that’s offered at the top sites in this family is another sign that Casino 2020 is a secondary concern in the eyes of In Touch Games, although the welcome offer is still worth up to £300. With all things taken into account, maybe the secret of the success Casino 2020 continues to enjoy lies in its unpretentiousness. This is a no-frills casino with hardly any bells or whistles – it simply presents you with its games and promotions and invites players to give them a try.

Casino 2020 website


Cashmo sister sites

Cashmo also goes by the name of Cashmo Casino and is short for “cash mobile.” The casino site was launched in 2019, serving as proof that In Touch Games continues to stick with its mindset of using its mobile-first philosophy as a selling point even though almost every casino network company now designs casino sites for mobile phones. If you’ve read what we said about the other Jammy Monkey sister sites listed above, you can probably already guess a lot of the Cashmo story. It was launched with only a few casino games to its name, but it receives new ones from Slot Factory every month. However, there’s an extra bit of detail with Cashmo. Despite being a tiny site with little content, Cashmo was named “Best New Slots Site” when the BingoPort Players Choice Awards were held in 2020. For a casino of this size run by an independently-owned operator, that’s a monumental achievement.

The 2020 award win put Cashmo on the map, and the site has continued to go from strength to strength ever since. Other factors that In Touch Games point to when asked to say what makes Cashmo a special place to play include its 24/7 approach to customer service and its unbeatable casino bonuses. If we’re going to take issue with Cashmo anywhere, it’s with regard to that last statement. The bonuses at Cashmo are a long way from unbeatable. In fact, they’re comfortably beaten elsewhere in the Jammy Monkey sister sites family. The “No Deposit Needed” bonus is again £5 rather than £10, although we accept that Cashmo makes up for that by offering up to £500 in matched deposits against a new player’s first three deposits. If you’re still looking for more bonus funds once you’ve worked your way through that, you can claim some by referring friends to the casino and getting rewarded when they make first deposits of their own.

Cashmo website

Mr Spin

mr spin logo new 2021

If any of the Jammy Monkey sister sites were to be devoted one hundred per cent to online slots, you’d expect it to be Mr Spin. After all, the clue is in the name. Surprisingly, that isn’t the case. Appearances can be deceptive, and so can names. Mr Spin is actually one of the most well-rounded casinos on the In Touch Games network, finding space on its homepage not only for slots but also for roulette and bingo games. Hosting bingo games makes Mr Spin unique among the Jammy Monkey sister sites and gives players an extra reason to visit the casino if bingo is among their interests. Failing that, perhaps the fact that site-wide jackpots at Mr Spin often exceed £300,000 might persuade players to give the site a look.

There are bound to be pros and cons with all casino sites. The big jackpots and extended games portfolio at Mr Spin compared to the other sites in the family are definitely pros, but the cons come in the promotions sections. If you want to test a few Mr Spin games before you commit to spending any money on them, you’ll find that the no deposit bonus here is a measly £3. Even the matched deposit welcome bonus only goes up to a maximum of £100, so bonuses are much thinner on the ground at Mr Spin than they are with the better-known casinos on the In Touch Games platform. The casino has been online since 2016 and might well benefit from a new look and an overhaul of its bonus system as it grows older. That’s not to say that Mr Spin looks old – far from it, in fact – but once you’ve got past the novelty of its bingo games, there isn’t much to the site that would persuade players to play here rather than at Bonus Boss or mFortune.

Mr Spin Website

Dr Slot

Dr Slot sister sites

Dr Slot feels like the most retro of the Jammy Monkey sister sites, which feels like an odd thing to say about a casino site that was launched in 2018. In truth, it might even have been a little too retro when it first launched. The whole casino underwent a design revamp in 2021, making its appearance more akin to that of Pocket Win with a different colour scheme. The retro neon logo and its watermelon motif were kept, but everything about the old version of the site was scrapped. Anyone who remembers seeing the Dr Slot casino site before its revamp would have to concur that it looked dated, but that didn’t stop Which Bingo from naming it “Best New Slots Site” in 2019. What’s even more astonishing about Dr Slot winning that award is that it only featured eight slots during the first year of its release. That’s a ringing endorsement of the quality of the slots and games that come from Slot Factory. The design team might not be considered a big name when it comes to slots provision in the UK, but there’s no arguing with their track record.

Dr Slot was still only the fourth casino on the In Touch Games network when it went live in 2018, which tells you how quickly the casino network company has stepped things up since then. Dr Slot’s current range of bonuses and promotions send mixed messages. The £5 no deposit welcome offer is at the lower end of the scale compared to the bigger Jammy Monker sister sites, but the potential matched deposit welcome offer of £1000 isn’t beaten anywhere else across the range. We’re not sure why there’s such disparity between the casinos on this network when it comes to promotions, but we suppose it gives players a reason to visit them all.

Dr Slot Website


mFortune sister sites

Have we saved the best of the Jammy Monkey sister sites until last? We know there are plenty of players out there who’d say so. mFortune has no equal among the Jammy Monkey sister sites. It was the first online casino site that In Touch Games ever launched in 2007, and it remains the casino network company’s flagship even with so successful launches since then and so many years passed. With that in mind, it shouldn’t surprise anybody reading this to hear that mFortune is the best provided-for of all the casinos on this network. It has slots, bingo rooms and casino games. It still doesn’t have an enormous amount of any of those things – that simply isn’t how In Touch Games Limited casinos work – but there’s more depth to the games roster at mFortune than there is elsewhere. That’s what customers ought to expect from a flagship casino site, and they get in.

Strangely, that same spirit of piling the casino high with the best possible content doesn’t apply to bonuses and promotions at mFortune. The no deposit welcome offer of £10 with an x40 wagering requirement is as good as it gets, but the matched deposit welcome bonus that comes after it is set at 200% and capped at £100. That’s ten times less than what’s possible at Dr Slot. On the other hand, mFortune operates a “loyalty shop” where long-term players can trade in the points that they earn for playing in return for up to one thousand prizes every week. Perhaps it’s just a case of Dr Slot doing everything it can to bring new players in while mFortune is more interested in making sure that its long-standing players are well looked after. No tour of the In Touch Games Limited casino sites is complete without a stop at mFortune, so if you’ve read this far and intend to give them a look, perhaps start here and work your way back up to the top.

mFortune Website

Jammy Monkey Review

Jammy Monkey website

Welcome Offers

Over at Jammy Monkey the welcome offer will get you two different bonuses. The first one comes after you sign up and verify your account, after this you can get up to £10 to use on the original Jammy Monkey games, with no deposit required. The second welcome offer comes after your first and second deposits of at least £10, where you could get up to £300 in bonuses. This second offer, however, comes with a 40x wagering requirement. But two welcome offers is always a good start for an online casino like this.

About In Touch Games Limited

Jammy Monkey is the newest addition to the In Touch Games roster, with it only opening in 2021. This is the 8th online casino brand by In Touch Games, and while their portfolio might seem small, it is mighty. Since Jammy Monkey is such a new site, it still has time to find its feet and grow within the world of online casinos. But, with a parent company like In Touch Games, this should not be too difficult of a challenge.

In Touch Games has been around since 2001 and has produced many successful online casinos over the years. Their first and arguably most successful casino is mFortune, which was swiftly followed by the likes of Pocket Win, Cashmo, and Casino 2020. Jammy Monkey was also awarded the Best New Slots Site of 2022 at the BingoPort Awards, so it is definitely off to a good start. Not only this, In Touch Games have been awarded a lot more awards over the years for both their successful casino sites and the brand themselves. In Touch Games proudly showcases all of their awards on their main website for visitors to check out.

However, it has not been all sunshine and roses for In Touch Games, as they were fined by the UK Gambling Commission in both 2019 and 2021 for failing to maintain the correct rules and regulations of safe gambling. This resulted in over £5 million in fines and settlements that In Touch Games had to pay as a consequence of this. Hopefully in 2022 and with their new site, Jammy Monkey, this will be the last of the issues.

Monthly Promotions

To pair with the two welcome offers, Jammy Monkey also has a handful of additional monthly promotions. With every month comes a new and exclusive game, where Jammy Monkey will provide extra bonus funds to players to be used on this monthly game. This keeps players coming back to check for changes and to try out the new games.

There is also a rewards scheme, suitably called Jammy Rewards, where regular players will receive surprise bonuses and prizes in their inbox every once in a while. With the refer a friend scheme, you can also get extra bonuses this way. If you refer a friend and they sign up and deposit £10, you will get a free spin on the prize wheel to be in with the chance of winning an extra bonus.

Pros and Cons


The promotions and welcome offers at Jammy Monkey are desirable and a good way to get new players involved.

Every month there is a new game to launch at Jammy Monkey, so this will keep players coming back and keep people involved in the progression of the site.


There is not a very large game portfolio on this site, with less than 100 games available at the time of writing.

For a brand new site, there is nothing particularly that stands out about Jammy Monkey, and it might be easy to lose it in the crowd.

Featured Slots and Games

Jammy Monkey do not have a very large selection of games, which is unusual for a casino site like this, although it can be forgiven since it has only been operating for around one year. There is also one new game to be released every month on Jammy Monkey, so while it is moving at a slow pace, they will eventually have a bit of a larger selection available.

With that being said, some of the featured games on Jammy Monkey include Soul Sisters, Sneaky Spinners, Lucky Irish Fortune, and the current game of the month is The Big Day. Even though this is a new casino, it is possible that players will get very easily bored on this site as it will not take long to work through all of the entertainment on offer.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

In order to access the payment methods information for Jammy Monkey, you must have an account and be signed in, so a lot of important information is hidden to visitors. At the bottom of the site, there are some payment logos, such as Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, PayPal and a few more, but other than this, the remaining information is restricted to only those with an account, which may turn some new players away.

Customer Support and Licence

The support at Jammy Monkey allows players to live chat with a 24/7 time frame. There is also an email button, but like the payment information, this is restricted to those who have an account.

Jammy Monkey is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the full details of this licence can be found at the bottom of the site.


For a new site, Jammy Monkey is okay. It has a very small collection of games, which can easily be outshone by almost all of the other casino sites out there. Also, many of the other In Touch Games sites offer the same promotions, so you might be better off looking at one of those instead. However, Jammy Monkey has not quite been around long enough for us to give it a final verdict, and with a new game every month, it is only set to grow. You could say that Jammy Monkey is the baby site within the In Touch Games portfolio, and one day it will grow up to be as successful as one of its other sister sites.

Jammy Monkey Mobile