Foxy Games Sister Sites

Foxy Games Sister Sites

Foxy Games sister sites include Foxy Bingo, Gala Bingo, Gala Casino, Gala Spins, Party Poker, Party Casino, Cheeky Bingo, Ladbrokes, Coral, Bwin, Sportingbet and Gamebookers. Foxy Games ( is operated by LC International Limited. 

Sites like Foxy Games

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Foxy Games Sister Sites 2022

Gala Casino

Gala Casino sister sites

Gala Casino is the most unloved member of the Gala-branded sites in the Foxy Games sister sites family. That’s not necessarily the casino’s fault. Gala Bingo has been a huge hit in both its online and offline formats and Gala Spins is one of the UK’s leading online slots sites. Trying to use the Gala brand name to launch a third site might have made sense on paper, but the site needed something unique if it was ever going to succeed. There’s nothing unique about Gala Casino. It offers the same collection of slots and games as Gala Spins – albeit with a sharper focus on live casino and dealer games – but does so with far less personality and sparkle. Based on the design of the site, it seems likely that LC International Limited wanted to create a bespoke, luxury casino site and use the Gala name to draw attention to it, but what people love about Gala Spins and Gala Bingo is their sense of fun. There’s no real sense of fun on the plain, sober-looking Gala Casino site, and that’s the biggest reason that the site struggles to break through the noise on this busy casino network.

Gala Casino Website

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo sister sites

Gala Bingo is the opposite of Gala Casino. The latter is almost anonymous despite its famous name. The former is one of the UK’s best-known bingo sites. Only Mecca Bingo can claim to be a bigger deal with UK customers than Gala Bingo. We wouldn’t like to say whether Gala Bingo or Foxy Bingo is the biggest of the bingo-led sites on the Foxy Games sister sites network, but they’re undoubtedly running each other close for first place. Players are so familiar with the name of Gala Bingo that many of them don’t realise that the company no longer operates in the physical world. It’s been several years since someone in a position of power decided that Gala Bingo would be better off consolidating its efforts in the online world than continuing to do battle with Mecca in the offline one. Since then, all of the old Gala Bingo halls have been taken over by Buzz Bingo. If you don’t believe us, head for the location of the Gala Bingo hall that used to stand in your old town or city and see for yourself! The modern, online-only version of Gala Bingo keeps the brand’s distinctive yellow and blue colours, and throws in some attractive promotions and a few online slots to keep players entertained.

Gala Bingo Website


Bwin sister sites

Owning Bwin would be a huge deal for any casino network company. With nine out of ten casino network companies, Bwin would be the biggest brand name they could dream of operating. With LC International Limited, it’s not even in the top two most popular sports betting-focused Foxy Games sister sites. That’s purely down to the presence of Coral and Ladbrokes, with whom almost nobody could compete on a like-for-like basis. That’s not to say that Bwin is being marginalised, though. The site is still a huge deal and has grown under the management of the company that handles its website in the UK. When Bwin was formed and launched in Austria towards the end of the 1990s, it was envisioned only as a sports betting site. LC International Limited doesn’t believe in single-purpose sites (with one exception, which we’ll get to later). Since bringing Bwin into the family, the casino network company has given it a casino section, including some exclusive Bwin-branded games. We’re not sure that the casino section of Bwin is ever going to become as popular as Foxy Games, but it enhances the offering of a sports betting site that has to settle for third place in the pecking order in this family.

Bwin Website


Coral sister sites

We’ve mentioned Coral already, so now is the right time to talk about it. Not all of the Foxy Games sister sites are equal. Some of them are far more important than others, and two are more important than all the rest put together. Those two are, as you’ve probably already guessed, Ladbrokes and Coral. It’s the initials of these famous old betting companies that form the basis of the casino network name “LC International Limited.” Joe Coral could never have imagined an alliance with Ladbrokes when he opened his first betting shop in 1926 because he spent his entire professional career battling against them on Britain’s streets for supremacy in the sports betting world. In the internet age, the two brands realised they were better together and joined forces. Having formed a powerful alliance, they then started bringing other casino and iGaming brands on board to make one of the strongest casino networks in the UK. This new, hyper-modern version of Coral offers roulette games, bingo, a live casino and far more, but offering odds on the latest sports happenings will always be what the company does best.

Coral Website


Sportingbet sister sites

We’ve seen two of the top three sports betting sites in the Foxy Games sister sites family so far in this list. You already know what the other one is, and it isn’t Sportingbet. We’re sure there are people who work for LC International Limited who aren’t entirely sure why they have this site on their network. It’s never going to grow to the size of Coral or Ladbrokes, and it would be a stretch to imagine that it will ever catch Bwin in terms of popularity, either. Sportingbet is a brand that’s better-known in various countries in Europe than it is in the UK, where most people have never heard of it. Still, there are signs that LC International Limited intends to attempt to grow the brand. Like Bwin, Sportingbet has sprouted a small casino section since becoming an LC International Limited brand and now offers both sports betting and casino promotions that are comparable to anything you might find with the more famous brands. That’s not to say that it does the job better, but if you’re placing a big sports bet and you want to be absolutely certain that you’re getting the best deal, maybe you should check the odds here as well as at the “big three.”

Sporting Bet Website

Gala Spins

Gala Spins sister sites

Gala Spins is the most similar of all the Foxy Games sister sites. It has a very similar collection of games and slots, and it’s delivered with a very similar fun-focused feel. However, Gala Spins has the advantage of being far more famous. Foxy Games is the product of a relaunch after the initial failure of Foxy Casino, and although it’s gained a lot of ground since then it’s yet to catch on in the same way that Gala Spins has. That’s not intended as a slight against Foxy Games – it’s just that Gala Spins is one of the most successful and popular casino sites of its kind in the UK. It’s built and maintained this position thanks to a constantly-refreshed collection of rewards and incentives, competitive welcome offers and unique features like its “flash pots.” Gala Spins contains a little something for almost every kind of online casino fan, from its impressively-large Slingo collection to its live game shows. This casino is called “Gala Spins” for a reason, though, and the reason is the site’s massive collection of online slots. If you’re looking for Foxy Games sister sites because you want to play slots somewhere other than Foxy Games, Gala Spins ought to be your number one choice if you decide to stick with the same casino network.

Gala Spins Website

Party Casino

Party Casino sister sites

We tend to think of Party Casino as the most underrated of the Foxy Games sister sites. That sounds like a strange thing to say about a casino site that’s such a big deal it even has its name plastered on the side of Formula 1 cars, but there’s little doubt that Party Casino is yet to achieve the kind of mainstream brand awareness that the Foxy and Gala casino brands do. This is despite the fact that you could make a strong case for Party Casino’s website being superior to anything that any of the Foxy or Gala sites can do. This is the best all-around casino site of the Foxy Games sister sites. The collection of online slots at Party Casino might not be superior to that of Gala Spins, but it has a better live casino and also includes a sportsbook while still finding space to include modern eccentricities like “Spaceman.” Whether you’re looking to play Megaways slots, Vegas-style live casino games or something more experimental, you’ll find yourself provided for at Party Casino. We’d even suggest that the sportsbook here is better than that of Sportingbet or Gamebookers, but we feel like we’ve talked those sites down enough already!

Party Casino Website

Cheeky Bingo

Cheeky Bingo sister sites

If you read comic books for girls during the 1990s, you’ll feel right at home at Cheeky Bingo from the moment you load its homepage. There, you’ll be greeted by an animated 2D cartoon of a woman with her hair in a 90’s-style scrunchie, who winks at you before showcasing the latest welcome promotions at the site. For those keeping score, there’s little difference between welcome promotions at any of the Foxy Games sister sites, and all of them come with x40 wagering requirements attached to bonus funds. There are many great things about this casino network, but promotions tend not to be among them. Returning to Cheeky Bingo, the 1990s feel of the site isn’t an accident. It’s right there in the “Flirty 30s” and “80s Babies” exclusive bingo rooms, as well as every inch of the casino’s decor. While the tone of this casino and bingo site might be “cheeky,” there’s nothing flippant or frivolous about the jackpots in the bingo rooms. Some of them meet or exceed £20,000, but if you prefer to play for low stakes, you’ll find games you can play for a penny a time. Cheeky Bingo does its best to cater for players of every budget and attitude to risk and offers perks to all of them within its “Cheeky’s Rewards” section.

Cheeky Bingo Website

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo sister sites

Foxy Bingo was the first of the internet-only bingo sites in the UK to truly hit it big. Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo were always guaranteed to be smash hits online because so many people already knew the name from the bingo halls they operated, but there was no such thing as a Foxy Bingo hall in the real world when the first version of the Foxy Bingo site launched in the early noughties. The site catapulted itself to fame by paying big money for a sponsorship slot on the Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV, ever since which the bingo site and its mascot “Foxy” have been constant fixtures on British television. If you don’t see a commercial for Foxy Bingo in the next ad break you’re subjected to, one will turn up in the one after that. The appeal of Foxy is a big part of Foxy Bingo’s charm, and yet the site isn’t perfect. This is a list of Foxy Games sister sites, but the recent inclusion of slots and casino games at Foxy Bingo leaves us wondering what the point of Foxy Games is. There’s little you can do at Foxy Games that you can’t also do at Foxy Bingo, so if there’s a downside to this site, it’s that it’s grown so large that it’s begun to tread on the toes of some of its sister sites.

Foxy Bingo Website


Ladbrokes sister sites

We won’t get involved in a debate over whether Ladbrokes is the biggest sports betting name in the UK, but it’s the oldest. That statement isn’t just true of the UK – it’s true of the whole world. Ladbrokes has been in business continuously since 1902. It celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2022 and, at the rate it continues to grow, will almost certainly still be alive to celebrate its 200th anniversary. This is a betting company that will outlive all of us, and it’s taken to the online age with all the ease that it took to the physical world. Ladbrokes is and always will be synonymous with sports betting, sponsoring countless horse racing events and offering an endless array of promotions on not only horse racing but rugby, football, and seasonal events like Wimbledon. Today, though, the Ladbrokes brand has been used to launch Ladbrokes Bingo, Ladbrokes Poker and Ladbrokes Casino. Ladbrokes Poker might even be the biggest poker site among the Foxy Games sister sites despite technically not being a standalone site at all. The Ladbrokes name and logo are trusted by millions of players, and so this website is always likely to be popular. That’s great news if you’re hopping on for a game of bingo and you want people to chat to.

Ladbrokes Website

Party Poker

Party Poker sister sites

The near-singular focus of Party Poker is what marks the site out as different from any of the other Foxy Games sister sites. The other sites showcase bingo, casino games or both. You can play casino games at Party Poker if you really want to – and you can even place bets on sports if the mood takes you – but the site is heavily dedicated to poker and makes no bones about that. Earlier on, we said that Ladbrokes “might” be the biggest of the Foxy Games sister sites that offer poker. Party Poker is the site that makes us question that stance. It’s not quite as big a deal as PokerStars, which is the biggest poker site in the world, but it’s a big-money site with some eye-catching sponsorship deals. As a sister site to Party Casino, Party Poker is also associated with the McLaren car company, including its touring cars and its Formula 1 team. It even runs the official McLaren Turbo Poker series, with a prize fund of around £2m. Party Poker is a great place to come if you’re an experienced player and want to win big money, but it might not be such a sensible choice if you’re a poker rookie. Although most of the UK’s big poker sites run academies and training schools, Party Poker isn’t one of them.

Party Poker Website


Gamebookers sister sites

Gamebookers is the most redundant member of the Foxy Games sister sites family. We won’t beat around the bush with it – there’s just no good reason for it to be online as part of the network. Gamebookers is yet another sports betting site and is the only site on the whole LC International Limited network that doesn’t serve any other purpose. There aren’t any casino games available at Gamebookers. There aren’t even any promotions. It’s just a plain sportsbook with no perks or frills attached to it, and it does the basic job of allowing players to bet on sports. Why players would choose to come to Gamebookers and bet on sports when they could just as easily go to Ladbrokes, Coral, Bwin, Gamebookers, or even the sports betting sections of Party Casino or Party Poker is unknown. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Gamebookers discontinued as an LC International Limited site in the not-too-distant future, and we can’t think of a good reason to recommend it unless you’ve become unable to access any of the other sites we’ve mentioned above.

Gamebookers Website

Foxy Games Review 2022

Foxy Games Website

Welcome Offers

Foxy Games greets users from the start with their welcome offers on the front page of the site. With this offer, new players can receive a £40 slot bonus and 40 free spins when they spend £10 on the site. These bonuses can only be played on selected games (which can be found in the terms and conditions) and spins are to be used on Lock O’ The Irish. After depositing and playing with their first £10, users can claim their bonuses in Promotions.

Foxy Games and LC International Limited

Foxy Games is managed by the well-known company LC International Limited, which was established all the way back in 1886, before the original Ladbrokes names was coined in 1902. In 2016 Ladbrokes acquired Gala Coral Group and rebranded itself as Ladbrokes Coral which is what the ‘LC’ stands for. LC International Limited also operates a number of other sites that may be familiar to users, such as Foxy Bingo, Gala Bingo, Gala Casino and Gala Spins.

Foxy Games was launched in 2015, however with this site being associated the ‘Foxy’ brand, the site has trustworthiness and familiarity associated with it, as users will be familiar with its sister site Foxy Bingo that launched in 2005 and was a mainstay of British television adverts within the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. It was also the sponsor of popular British TV show ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ for most of its life span.

Monthly Promotions

As well as the welcome offer, Foxy Games have a range of other promotions for users both new and old to take advantage of. Two of these offers are UK only, that being ‘Boosted Freebies’ and ‘Unlock The Safe’, while other offers consist of ‘Foxy’s Slots Tournament’, ‘Foxy’s Jackpot’ and ‘Bonus Bank’.

Pros and Cons


Foxy Games has a unique and fun theme with the fox mascot, which definitely helps it stands out from the rest and will be remembered by its users, especially through its use in popular TV adverts.

Foxy Games offers a large number of games for users to choose from as well as a big selection with regards to the types of games available. There is a decent number of promotions also available to customers to keep them interested in the site.


The promotions seem to be pretty lacklustre on this site. With the welcome offer in particular not offering a lot for the £10 you have to spend on the site before you get it, the other promotions also lack a lot of information about what they are and the prizes they offer unless you have an account of the site.

Some information is hard to find, such as information regarding depositing and withdrawing money, as well as being able to find a direct contact at Foxy Games for support.

Featured Slots and Games

The Foxy Games home page shows all the games that are available to users. These are broken down into several sections such as ‘Top Games’, ‘New Games’, ‘Hot Picks’ and ‘Foxy’s Favourites.’ This can be used as an effective way for users to explore a number of games if they are undecided on what to play or where to start. Some of the top games on Foxy Games include the likes of Big Bass Bonanza, Fluffy Favourites, Starburst, and many more. These are all recognisable and popular games that many players will be familiar with already.

However, for those who have a game or game type in mind, Foxy Games offers a row of shortcuts that users can click to quickly take them to the games they wish to play, some of these include ‘Slingo’, ‘Slots’, ‘Scratchcards’ and ‘Live Games Shows”.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Finding information about payment methods is a bit of a struggle at Foxy Games, and this information is not marked as clearly as it should be. For players, any payment information can be found within the terms and conditions section, which is not ideal for new players looking for an easy, accessible site.

The payment methods that are listed in the terms and conditions include Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners, MuchBetter, bank transfer, PayPal, Paysafecard, PromoCode, and Skrill, so there are definitely a lot of payment methods available here.

Customer Support and Licence

Customer support can be found at the bottom of the homepage on Foxy Games. It states here that they offer customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, followed by the ‘contact us’ button. Here users can find a list of frequently asked questions which is handy for getting quick answers. These are also broken down into categories to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

For users that cannot find the answer they are looking for, Foxy Games do offer a direct chat function. It is recommended by the site that users contact them via private message on Facebook. However, they do have a live chat function as well as an email provided. Foxy Games states at the bottom of their website that they are operated by LC International Limited and that they are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so they are safe for UK players to visit.

Foxy Games – The Verdict

The biggest bonus for Foxy Games is their welcoming, fun and (to some) nostalgic presentation. The ‘Foxy’ name and mascot have almost been ingrained in the minds of the British public with their appearance in adverts on prime-time TV. The same familiarity can even be said for its operating company LC International limited, as for players that are looking for their first casino site, having a trustworthy name that is seen frequently (such as Ladbrokes and Coral) will be a massive bonus for them. To keep players coming back, Foxy Games does a good job at providing a decent number of promotions; however, we would be lying if we said that we believed these promotions were anything special, as they seem to be pretty lacklustre and do not reward players too much for playing at this casino.

Foxy Games Mobile

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