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Coral sister sites include Party Casino, Ladbrokes, Gala Bingo, Bwin, Party Poker, Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, Sporting Bet and more. Coral is operated by LC International Limited.

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Coral Sister Sites 2022

coral sister sites 2022

Gala Spins

Gala Spins sister sites

You’ll almost certainly know Gala Spins as one of the most popular online slots casino sites in the UK, which is a good reason to list it first among the Coral sister sites. Gala Spins began life as an extension of the Gala Bingo brand but has since developed a life of its own, becoming a colourful home for thousands of players who prefer online slots above all other things but don’t mind the occasional dabble with Slingo Games while they’re at their favourite casino site.

Gala Spins welcomes new players with a £20 online slots bonus plus 30 free spins in return for a first deposit of at least £10. Only selected games can be played with the bonus funds, and they arrive with a wagering requirement of x40 attached. If you find the online slots selection at Gala Spins isn’t for you – which is unlikely, given that they’re the main purpose of the site – you might find alternative entertainment by checking out the casino’s collection of live game shows supplied by Evolution.

Gala Spins Website

Foxy Games

Foxy Games sister sites

The creation of Foxy Games was the second time that the owners of Foxy Bingo had attempted to take the popularity of Foxy Bingo and extend it into other areas of iGaming. The first was Foxy Casino, which failed despite the best efforts of everybody involved. When Foxy Games was launched, it had something that Foxy Casino didn’t – Hollywood star Heather Graham playing the character of Foxy in television commercials. It was a frankly bizarre approach to getting the brand off the ground, but it must have worked because Foxy Games is still with us and still going strong.

Foxy Games is where players who already know and love the Foxy brand and character come to play online slots and arcade-style casino games. It’s one of the quirkiest and most adventurous Coral sister sites and comes packed with character. Rather than trotting out the same old casino games, Foxy Games focuses on all that’s new and exciting in the iGaming world. It still makes space for the classics, though, and there’s a live game shows area thrown in for good measure.

Foxy Games Website

Party Casino

Party Casino sister sites

If you’re wondering which of the Coral sister sites puts out the strongest party vibes, look no further than Party Casino and its cartoon mascot. This is a casino brand that’s becoming an increasingly big deal for LC International, having recently been featured in a sponsorship deal that saw the casino’s name printed on the side of McLaren’s Formula 1 cars in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. If this casino really were a party, though, it would be a “Bring Your Own Beer” party. What we mean by that is that guests largely have to fend for themselves because there isn’t much in the way of promotions at Party Casino. The best the casino can muster as a welcome offer is fifty free spins on Starburst in return for a £10 deposit, with x10 wagering requirements in force.

Party Casino provides everything you’d expect a top-quality casino on the Coral sister sites network to provide, including slots and live casino games. What far fewer people notice the casino provides is a sports betting section tucked away in the top menu and unadvertised across the rest of the site. If you want to double-check that Coral is offering you the best odds on the next big game, Party Casino is a good place to look.

Party Casino Website

Cheeky Bingo

Cheeky Bingo sister sites

Cheeky Bingo manages to feel both modern and retro at the same time. The casino has a sleek, modern design, which is true of almost all of the Coral sister sites but manages to combine it with visuals that wouldn’t look out of place in a girls’ comic from the 1990s. There’s no mistaking the fact that this is a female-orientated casino and bingo site, but there are no restrictions on gender, and everybody’s welcome to play.

Cheeky Bingo brings all the sass and character that you’d hope for from a casino with this name, but more importantly, it also brings all the bingo action you’re hoping for, too. There’s a never-ending sequence of bingo rooms at this site, including official bingo rooms based on TV properties like “Friends” and “Deal or No Deal.” On average, a new bingo room opens up every two minutes. That means there’ll always be rooms open no matter when you visit, but Cheeky Bingo still provides Slingo games and online slots in case bingo fatigue sets in.

Cheeky Bingo Website

Gala Casino

Gala Casino sister sites

Gala Casino is the second of three Gala-branded casino and iGaming sites on this list of Coral sister sites and is the most sophisticated and elegant of the three. The problem with that for fans of the Gala brand is that they don’t exactly go for sophisticated and elegant. Both Gala Spins and Gala Bingo are simple, unpretentious sites with an emphasis on fun. Gala Casino tries to be something else, which is a little like trying to introduce five-star dining at McDonald’s. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with Gala Casino, but the tone feels wrong for the brand.

Gala Casino tries hard. It offers a welcome bonus of £40 plus 50 free spins in return for a £20 spend on slots (40x wagering requirement in place) and piles its portfolio high with hundreds of slots and games obtained from market-leading providers. Despite those efforts, it remains one of the least well-known and popular brands in the Coral sister sites family, and we think that might just be a case of it being one extension of the Gala brand too far. When Gala Spins and Gala Bingo have most kinds of iGaming covered between them, there’s no persuasive reason for Gala Casino to exist.

Gala Casino Website

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo sister sites

Now we go from the least popular of the Gala-branded sites to the most popular. This is the official home of Gala Bingo, which was once just as popular offline as it is online. Such was the popularity and brand familiarity of the brick-and-mortar Gala Bingo halls that most people don’t even realise that they no longer exist. They’ve actually been gone for some time, having shut down more than five years ago so the company could focus on the online side of the business. It was a controversial move at the time but turned out to be a smart one, as Gala Bingo is the most popular bingo-focused casino among the Coral sister sites.

Gala Bingo manages to remain popular with players despite its blocky, ugly design. The solid yellow and blue colours make it look a little bit like the official online casino of Lidl, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Gala Bingo doesn’t claim to be upmarket; it only claims to be fun. With daily free spin bonus prizes, cashback on losses, and more than twenty bingo rooms available at any one time, very few people could accuse them of failing in that aim.

Gala Bingo Website


Bwin sister sites

You could say with some justification that there didn’t need to be any other sports betting sites on the Coral sister site network after the merger of Coral and Ladbrokes. The deal brought together two of the biggest names in the history of sports betting and gave LC International Limited a massive share of the UK sports betting market. However, there’s something to be said for the idea that you can’t have too much of a good thing. Bwin, an Austrian sports betting brand that started making waves on the continent a few years ago, became available for acquisition just as LC International Limited was looking to expand. It turned out to be the perfect deal.

Since gaining control of Bwin and adding it to its roster of Coral sister sites, LC International has started attempting to expand it in the same way it expanded its bigger brands. That means Bwin now has online slots and a live casino section alongside the sportsbook that it made its name with. There are even a few Bwin branded slots at the site these days. It’s not as big a deal as Coral Casino yet, but it’s a work in progress.

Bwin Website


Sportingbet sister sites

We can make an argument for the existence of Bwin as a Coral sister site. We have a harder time making an argument for the existence of Sportingbet. The site, which is sometimes styled as Sporting Bet, doesn’t do anything that the other sports betting sites on the network don’t do. There’s a large sports book and an accompanying casino, including a few virtual betting options, but you’ll also find those at Ladbrokes and Coral. Simply put, Sportingbet isn’t bringing anything new or unique to the Coral sister sites family.

Sportingbet is actually a bigger deal in Europe than it is in the UK, which makes us wonder whether we’ll see it going back to being a non-UK-facing site in the future. We’re not saying that it’s impossible to have a good time at Sportingbet because we’re sure it’s more than possible – doubly so if a big accumulator win comes in – but we can’t see a good reason why we’d want to make bets or play games at Sportingbet when we could do it at Ladbrokes, Coral, or (at a push) Bwin.

Sporting Bet Website

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo sister sites

We’ve already said that Gala Bingo is the biggest and most popular of the bingo-focused Coral sister sites. We can’t take that back, but we spent a lot of time thinking about whether to bestow the honour of that statement on Gala Bingo or Foxy Bingo. Both of them are among the most popular and longest-standing in the UK, and both of them entertain tens of thousands of players every day. For even more people than that, Foxy Bingo came into their lives as the northern-accented, suit-wearing sponsor of ITV’s “The Jeremy Kyle Show.” The show is long gone, but the bingo site that it helped shoot to fame is still going strong.

Rather than relying on third-party bingo games and rooms, Foxy designs its own. From Bingo Beats to Foxy Love and Matey to Dirty Gertie, all of the Foxy Bingo rooms have their own unique style. The in-your-face approach of Foxy Bingo isn’t for everyone, but it works for more than enough people to keep the site in business for all these years.

Foxy Bingo Website


Ladbrokes sister sites

For several generations of gamblers in the UK, Ladbrokes was “the” sports betting company. It’s the one they grew up with and the only one they completely trust. Ladbrokes was already a known and trusted name when your parents were born, and more than likely your grandparents, too. It was the late 19th century when the foundations of Ladbrokes were laid down, and 1902 when a recognisable version of the business we know today emerged into the world. That makes it the oldest gambling brand in the world that’s still active today.

Ladbrokes has had to change with the times, but becoming one of the Coral sister sites was a change it probably didn’t see coming. However, it’s probably fairer to say that Coral became a Ladbrokes sister site. The merger that brought the former rivals together ended up with the resulting new company being called LC International rather than CL International, so Ladbrokes is the brand in charge. These days, the famous red gaming firm offers every facet of casino entertainment to go with its still-popular sportsbook.

Ladbrokes Website

Party Poker

Party Poker sister sites

There are dozens of casino and iGaming sites out there that offer poker, but only a handful that the pros visit. Party Poker is within that handful. This site is unique among the Coral sister sites because it’s the only one that focuses on poker. It’s technically associated with the Party Casino brand and grew from it, but you’d never make the association if the word “party” didn’t appear in its name. Party Poker takes its subject matter very seriously, as can be gathered from the site’s dark hues.

Taking poker seriously means offering great poker promotions. Party Poker attempts to do that by offering players up to 40% cashback on their losses each week, along with a 100% matched first deposit up to £400 and £40 “free” play to go with all the other perks. Terms and conditions apply to those perks, so check them carefully before putting your cards on the table. If you become one of the better players at Party Poker you might even find yourself in a starring role on its live-streamed TV channel.

Party Poker Website


Gamebookers sister sites

Gamebookers is last and least on our list of Coral sister sites, and no, that wasn’t a typo. It’s in last place because it’s the least-played site on the network, and it’s least because it has the least to offer. Gamebookers is yet another sports betting site on a network that absolutely didn’t need any more than it already had before it acquired Gamebookers. It’s presented in a manner that suggests even its parent company is bored of it, with a plain black and white colour scheme and a total lack of promotions of any description.

We don’t mean to look down on Gamebookers. It’s a perfectly functional sports betting site with a casino attached to it. It’s just that we have to judge it by comparing it to the Coral sister sites, and when we do that, it’s impossible to put it anywhere other than last. If you wanted to place a bet on sports with the LC International Limited network, we suspect you’d start at Ladbrokes and then perhaps check your odds with Coral. If you want to be really thorough, you might also check Bwin. Only the most dedicated players would keep going down the ladder to Sportingbet, so we wonder how many people ever end up at Gamebookers at all.

Gamebookers Website

Coral Review 2022

Coral Website

Welcome Offers

Coral has a nice and simple welcome offer to provide new players with a starting point, which will get you a £20 free bet on top of your first £5 bet. This free bet is only valid for seven days, so be sure not to miss out on this new player offer.

About LC International Limited

Coral, the brand, is under the management of LC International Limited, which stands for Ladbrokes Coral, two of the biggest betting giants and names in the industry. Coral was first established all the way back in 1926 by Joe Coral, and this was originally a brand of betting stores, rather than an online business. With the boom of online gaming and the move to a more digital society, Coral made its way onto the internet in 2002 to give us the site we have today, with some minor modern changes and improvements, of course.

Coral is so popular as a brand today, because by the year 2015 there were over 1800 stores across the country, so it gained its massive popularity offline before it was big online. It was not until 2016 that LC International Limited was actually established, when the two huge companies Ladbrokes and Coral decided to merge and form LC International. Coral is also part of the Entain group, which is one of the most established gambling and betting companies there is out there, and has many other brands as a part of its company, such as bWin and PartyPoker.

If you had not already heard of Coral, (or seen it in action on the high street), you may be familiar with some of their advertising and social media presence. A brand this big can only succeed in 2022 with at least some online content, and they have been keeping up, with their current adverts that can be found on TV and elsewhere online. They also have been known to take part in many sponsorships and deals to stay relevant and in the loop with young and old sports fans.

Monthly Promotions

To go alongside the short and simple welcome offer, Coral has a ton of additional promotions and offers across their site, some of which we will list here, but there are simply too many to name, and we recommend you take a look at them yourself. Within the sports section of Coral, you will find the most offers, since this is their main event. With the Racing Super Series, players can take part in the free-to-play Saturday event that provides the chance to win up to £25,000. There is also a daily rewards grabber that gives every player the chance to win a free prize every day.

Over in horse racing, players have the chance to get back up to £10 as a free bet if their horse is beaten by a length or less. Coral also guarantees best horse racing and greyhounds betting odds on their sportsbook. Coral also holds occasional social media competitions and lottery draws for the extra chance to win. Linking over to the casino side, Coral also offer something called racing spinsurance, where you can receive a £2 casino bonus if your bet does not win on certain odds.

Over on Coral Casino there are daily jackpot drops to be won as well as the rewards grabber that works over here too. There are definitely a lot of promotions to be used on Coral, specifically within the main sports section of the site.

Pros and Cons


There are a lot of sports related promotions that bode well for Coral and their wide audience of sports players.

Coral has a pretty solid contact and support system in place, which leaves a low chance of players having unresolved issues.


While Coral’s promotions are numerous, they also lack substantial value and there’s no VIP loyalty program.

There are enough complaints about customer service – especially relating to the automated live chat – for us to believe it’s a genuine issue.

Featured Slots and Games

Over on the sports section of Coral it is displayed like a typical sportsbook site and is easy to navigate. The featured sports that can be found at the top of the site include football, horse racing, racing super series, as well as in-play for all of the live events, and quite a bit more.

Within the casino section of Coral the home page shows some of the hot games right now, which includes games such as Big Banker Slot, Premium Blackjack, Fishin’ Frenzy, and many more. There are other sections on Coral too, such as live casino, bingo, and poker, so there is definitely something for everyone here.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Coral has a very detailed help section regarding its payment methods, and many different links will take you to the information you need. To summarise, the accepted payment methods at Coral include Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Trustly, and Visa. Overall, there are many payment methods available at Coral.

The minimum withdrawal limit for almost all payment methods is set at £5 and it may take up to four banking days to receive this withdrawal, depending on your chosen payment method.

Customer Support and Licence

As noted, there is a very detailed help section that will be able to help answer almost any query a player has. However, if the issue still cannot be resolved, Coral have multiple modes of contact, although they are not the easiest to access. Coral recommends contacting them via their Facebook or Twitter profiles, but also has a live chat, messaging service, or phone number (0800 44 00 11) which is available from 8am to 11pm for UK players. This is quite a decent contact system and cannot really be faulted.

Coral is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and this information can be found at the bottom of the page, this means they are safe for UK players to visit and enjoy.


There is not much negative to say about Coral, and while many of you may have already visited it either online or in person, we definitely recommend you check it out. The long list of promotions and endless gaming opportunities is enough for us!

Coral Mobile

Coral sister sites