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Sky Vegas sister sites include Sky Bingo, Sky Poker, Sky Casino, Sky Bet, Tombola, Tombola Arcade, PokerStars, Betfair and Paddy Power. Sky Vegas ( is part of Flutter Entertainment plc. 

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Sky Vegas Sister Sites 2024

Sky Bingo

Sky Bingo sister sites

When you get your eyes down for bingo at Sky Bingo, you’ll be one of thousands of people doing the same thing at the site at any one time. The odd thing about Sky Bingo is that it feels like Flutter Entertainment would rather you were doing something else. All of the other Sky Vegas sister sites go about their business unashamedly, promoting their core content to players from the moment they arrive on the website. Sky Bingo doesn’t do that. Instead, it attempts to persuade players to skip the bingo altogether and move straight on to Sky Bingo Arcade to play slots. It’s an odd move, and it’s more than a little jarring, but so long as you can overlook that, you’ll find plenty of bingo thrills to be had here.

Sky Bingo’s rooms are designed to cater to players of any budget and any preference. If you want to take the laid-back approach and play in exclusive rooms for little money, most of Sky Bingo’s seasonal rooms start at one penny per ticket and offer modest jackpots. In those rooms, the chat is as important as the game. If you’re after something a little more substantive, you could venture into the branded Cash Cubes rooms and pay higher ticket prices in pursuit of bigger wins. It’s all up to you, and with minimum jackpots of £500 guaranteed at least twice a week, someone has to walk away with a reasonably good haul.

Sky Bingo Website

Sky Casino

Sky Casino sister sites

Sky Casino was set up to cater for players who don’t mind playing online slots every now and then but would generally rather be found sitting at tables either playing cards or spinning roulette wheels. On paper, Sky Casino should be the classiest of the Sky-branded Sky Vegas sister sites. In reality, it’s the most anonymous of them. The green-and-grey hues of the Sky Casino site are probably an attempt to look elegant, but instead, they simply look dull. The minimalist style looks plain. Sky Casino looks sparkle, and when you’re trying to attract the VIP crowd, lacking sparkle is a crime.

The other big problem facing Sky Casino is the existence of Sky Vegas and Sky Bingo. Sky Vegas puts a squeeze on Sky Casino by offering many of the same live dealer iGaming experiences and does it with more style. Sky Bingo, as we’ve already discussed, provides a range of online slots. Nothing Sky Casino does is unique, and so it doesn’t hold up well against the other Sky Vegas sister sites. You shouldn’t construe any of this as us suggesting you can’t have fun at Sky Casino – we’re sure you can, and the “spend £10, get £60” welcome promotion helps with that – but you could have the same fun at another Sky Vegas sister site without having to hop between URLs.

Sky Casino Website

Sky Bet

Sky Bet sister sites

If you’ve never heard of Sky Bet, you can’t be much of a sports fan. This is the most heavily promoted sports betting company in the UK. Nobody else even comes close. Of course, it helps enormously in that respect that Sky has its own television network. Sky Bet even has its own channel on that network, which is an advantage that none of the other Sky Vegas sister sites has. On top of that, Sky Bet is the named sponsor of the English Football League and also “sponsors” all coverage of all sports on the Sky TV network. It’s simply impossible to get away from Sky Bet if you watch sports in the UK – the brand is everywhere.

All the advertising in the world wouldn’t help Sky Bet if it wasn’t a reliable betting company, but customers tend to have few complaints about the brand, which has been around for twenty years and continues to go from strength to strength. While sports betting is and always will be the backbone of Sky Bet, you can also turn to the company to bet on who the next Prime Minister might be, who might win the next series of “The Masked Singer,” and who’s likely to land the UK’s next Christmas number one single. It’s an all-purpose betting company, and if you’re unable to find the bet you’re looking for on the Sky Bet website, try hitting them up on Twitter to see if they’ll build your desired bet for you.

Sky Bet Website

Sky Poker

Sky Poker sister sites

Sky Poker isn’t the most high-profile or glamorous poker site in this list of Sky Vegas sister sites. That’s purely down to the presence of PokerStars. On any other casino network in the world, Sky Poker would be in the number one spot when it comes to poker. In some senses, it still is – the Sky Betting and Gaming brands technically still belong to Bonne Terre Limited, whereas PokerStars technically still belongs to Stars Interactive. It’s only because both Stars Interactive and Bonne Terre Limited now belong to Flutter Entertainment plc that the two former rivals are now sister sites. Sky Poker is probably the ugliest of the Sky-branded sites thanks to its narrow page design – but don’t let a dated design fool you into thinking this site lacks power or popularity.

To give you a sense of how popular Sky Poker is, we visited it to write this summary at 11am on a normal Tuesday morning. There were just under 700 people online at that time, with just under 660 of them sealed into rooms and actively playing. That’s an incredible number for that time of day and ought to reassure you that you’ll find someone to play against no matter what time you log in. Those people might be beginners or seasoned poker veterans – Sky Poker provides for both and groups tables by ability to avoid mismatches.

Sky Poker Website


Poker Stars Uk sister sites

We should technically refer to PokerStars as PokerStars UK because the site handled by Flutter Entertainment plc is the UK-facing version of a brand that’s popular all over the world. PokerStars might be the most niche of the Sky Vegas sister sites, but it’s still one of the most popular thanks to its eye-catching celebrity connections. The Brazilian football megastar Neymar Jr, who’s known to be a keen poker player – is the PokerStars brand ambassador and even leads his own poker teams into battle occasionally. Speaking of teams, the very best players at PokerStars have a shot at qualifying for “Team PokerStars” and representing your country or region in real-life events all over the world!

The rewards for experienced, professional-level players at PokerStars are obvious but don’t overlook it as a place to learn the game if you’re new to it. There’s a whole section of the PokerStars website called “PokerStars Learn,” which is dedicated to helping would-be and wannabe poker players pick up the basics and then play competitive games against each other to develop their skills. From your first game to your biggest tournament, PokerStars provides a framework for everyone who’s interested in the game of poker. If you need an occasional distraction or break from the poker tables, though, the site also provides a live casino and a sportsbook.

Poker Stars Website


Tombola sister sites

Tombola is a bingo site, but it’s a very different kind of bingo site than Sky Bingo. It’s probably fair to say that none of the Sky Vegas sister sites are as unique as the ones with Tombola branding. That’s because they don’t come with any third-party content. Everything you see, read, interact with and play with at Tombola was made by the same people who designed the website. The idea is to provide a unique, bespoke experience to players, thus giving them a reason to keep coming back to the site rather than going elsewhere to play the same widely-available content they’d find at any of the UK’s other top casino sites. By following that philosophy, Tombola claims to have become the UK’s biggest bingo site.

Nobody can definitely say which is the UK’s biggest bingo site because there are too many metrics involved, and it’s too subjective, but Tombola certainly talks a good game. To appeal to new members, it offers a “double your deposit” welcome bonus, so if you deposited £25, you’d get an additional £50 in bonus funds. There are no wagering requirements attached to that bonus, but you can never withdraw the bonus funds themselves – only the profits you make with them. It’s an unusual offer at an unusual iGaming site, but for the thousands of people who play in the exclusive Tombola bingo rooms every day, that’s all part of the charm.

Tombola Website

Tombola Arcade

Tombola Arcade sister sites

Tombola was a massive success for Tombola (International) Plc, so they decided to expand on their original idea by investigating the possibility of creating online slots and other casino games. Their experiments eventually led to the creation of Tombola Arcade. The site hasn’t yet become as popular as its older sibling, but now that both the Tombola brands are Sky Vegas sister sites under the Flutter Entertainment plc banner, it might get an additional promotional push to put it over the edge. Tombola Arcade is similar to the original Tombola in that it omits third-party games in favour of providing its own content but has fewer games overall. However, the “Free Vibes” game that can be played each week free of charge for the chance to win up to £25,000 somewhat makes up for the lack of choice elsewhere.

Tombola Arcade rolls with the same welcome offer as Tombola, in that your first deposit is doubled and then handed back to you as bonus funds with no wagering requirements attached to them. The bulk of Tombola Arcade’s gaming content is hidden behind the login screen – which is a strange approach to go for when you’re trying to attract new players – but the free games and generous welcome package must be a substantial enough draw to keep new players coming to the site.

Tombola Arcade Website


Betfair sister sites

Betfair is the most straight-laced of all the sports betting sites in the Sky Vegas sister sites family. To be honest, it’s one of the most straight-lacked sports betting sites in the world. Everything Betfair does is strictly business. This yellow-and-black brand is known and respected by serious sports bettors around the world for offering solid, evidence-based odds, staying away from gimmicks and tricks, and providing access to the industry’s most comprehensive betting exchange. Betfair markets itself as the pro’s choice, and the evidence suggests that it’s right to do so.

You won’t find much in the way of flair at Betfair, but everything it does, it does well. If you want to open up an in-progress fixture and access the latest in-play odds, you can do it with the tap of a button. If you want to lay those odds rather than back them, you should be able to find your way into the exchange quickly and hook up a bet. Yes, Betfair might recently have sprouted Betfair Casino, Betfair Poker and Betfair Bingo, but they seem more like distractions and afterthoughts than genuine attempts to extend the brand. Betfair might never be exciting, but it’s a sports betting heavyweight and wouldn’t want to be seen in any other way.

Betfair Website

Paddy Power

Paddy Power sister sites

Given how different Paddy Power and Betfair are from each other, it’s amazing that they form the bedrock that all of the other Sky Vegas sister sites are built on. It was the union of Betfair and Paddy Power that created PPB Games Limited, which laid the foundations for Flutter Entertainment plc to emerge as one of the biggest forces the UK casino scene has seen in decades. It’s the very definition of an odd couple marriage, with Betfair’s sober and measured approach juxtaposed with Paddy Power’s loud quirkiness and constant publicity seeking. This is, after all, the gambling company that once parked a branded truck outside the Houses of Parliament with the motto “you’re getting sacked in the morning” emblazoned across it ahead of the 2015 General Election.

For such an outspoken brand, Paddy Power takes a surprisingly demure approach to promotions. The only hint of a welcome offer you’ll see if you come to Paddy Power for sports or entertainment betting is an offer to refund your first £10 bet if it loses. You might find promotions are more generous within Paddy Power Games, Paddy Power Vegas or Paddy Power Bingo, but it’s still odd not to see more perks on offer within the part of the site that Paddy Power built its business on. Still, the site will remain popular for as long as its owners manage to keep drawing attention to it – and they don’t appear to have run out of ideas on that front yet.

Paddy Power Website

Sky Vegas Review 2024

Sky Vegas Website

New Player Welcome Offers

A trip to Las Vegas in real life may break the bank, but your first visit to Sky Vegas certainly doesn’t have to. For all new UK players, there is the offer of 50 ‘seriously’ free spins, just for signing up – no deposit required. Better yet, there are no wagering requirements on the cash won from the free spins, what you win, is yours to keep, play with or withdraw.

When you are ready to make your first deposit at Sky Vegas, deposit £10 or more to bank 200 more free spins. All free spins expire within 7 days of landing in a new player account, the only real downside is that the free spins will automatically play on the first online slot game loaded – choose wisely!

Sky Vegas is owned by Flutter Entertainment PLC

Flutter Entertainment PLC is a holding company for some of the biggest and best-known international iGaming brands. In Australia, the private limited company is best known for its sportsbook, Sportsbet, while across the pond in America, Flutter is renowned as the brand manager of Fan Duel and Fox Sports. Other major platforms in Flutter Entertainment PLC’s portfolio include TVG, Paddy Power, Bet Fair, PokerStars and Junglee Games. But rather than keeping its focus on household names, the casino parent company prides itself on the safety, responsibility and sustainability of its future-forward products. Their desire to scale the business runs in parallel with their commitment to player satisfaction and safety.

Flutter Entertainment was previously known as Paddy Power Betfair PLC; their name changed to reflect their ever-growing portfolio which spans far beyond the world of spectator sports. Impressively, their products are now enjoyed in over 100 international markets, they average 7.6 million monthly customers and in 2021, they boasted a total sales revenue of £6 billion. With those figures, as you would expect, Flutter Entertainment PLC has landed itself on the FTSE 100 Index, and the London Stock Exchange.

Sky Vegas Monthly Promotions

Sky Vegas notably knows how to keep it exciting for regular players through the ongoing promotions. Every day, players get a shot at winning a prize from the Prize Machine, which is completely free to play, and can award a range of different perks; from £100 cash prizes to free spins to free bets in the live rooms. All in all, there are 15 different prizes up for grabs. Sky Vegas members playing Playtech’s Mega Fire Blaze Roulette Live Bonus Round can qualify for cash prizes up to £777, for players missing out on those randomly dropped goodies, there are free spins sweepstakes, massive monthly prize giveaways, plus a range of must drop jackpots.

One of the most attractive aspects of Sky Vegas is the fact that whichever promotion you take advantage of, there will never be any wagering restrictions – you can always keep what you win!

Sky Vegas: Pros and Cons


• No wagering restrictions on promotional offers – ever.

• No-deposit welcome offer of 50 free spins.


• The resolution centre makes you go around the houses before you can contact a team member.

• Annoying pop-ups while browsing the casino.

Featured Slots and Casino Games

Sky Vegas hits the mark in a myriad of ways, unfortunately, the game library isn’t one of them. For starters, there is no featured games section, as such. Instead, the main landing page will ask you to browse the games in alphabetical order, or select from a number of game categories – which is great for players who know exactly what they love at an online casino, but not so much for newcomers! Some of the online slot game categories include the Must Drop Jackpot games, including Deal or No Deal Power Time and Eskimo Dough, Progressive Party Pots online slot games, Pub fruits classic-style online slot games, Megaways games, and Jackpot King games by Red Tiger Gaming.

If slots aren’t your cup of tea, quench your thirst with the array of live dealer games, roulette games, blackjack games and video table games instead. Sky Vegas comes with the benefit of hosting swathes of exclusive content, such as Sky Vegas Live Blackjack, Sky Vegas Live Roulette and, perhaps most excitingly, Sky Vegas Spin a Win.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The good news is that withdrawals from Sky Vegas typically process within 1 – 2 working days. The bad news is that the banking options are fairly limited. Currently, the only way to deposit includes PayPal, Pay Safe Cards and debit card payments. With PayPal, the minimum deposit amount is £10, with all other options, the minimum deposit amount is £5. There are never any transaction fees taken away from withdrawals, and the minimum withdrawal amount is £10, while the maximum is impressively high at £50,000 each day.

Sky Vegas Customer Support and License

Customer support-wise, Sky Vegas blows most of its sister sites out of the water by offering a range of contact methods. During the day, customer support is available via telephone, out of hours, members with queries can opt to use the live chat service, email, Tweet them @SkyVegas or send a secure message via Facebook Messenger.

As Sky Vegas is a part of the Flutter Entertainment PLC family, it is licenced by the UKGC under the licence number, 39108.

Sky Vegas – The Verdict

Not many things in life genuinely warrant the phrase, ‘how can they get it so wrong, but so right’? It is safe to say Sky Vegas imparts that kind of confusion onto its players. First, new players are dazzled by the no deposit welcome offer of 50 free spins that are completely wager requirement free, then they’re forced to contend with the messy game library, which makes it impossible for online casino newbies to find the right content right off the bat. Other areas that are drastically in need of updating and improvement are the limited banking options, the lack of a rewarding loyalty scheme and the beyond irritating pop-ups that will plague you until you sign up to the casino.

Sky Vegas Mobile

Sky Vegas sister sites