Top 5 tip-offs you’ve landed on an unreliable online casino

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For three decades, online casinos have been refashioning the gambling industry. The popularity of iGaming is even soaring to greater heights, as new technologies like virtual reality now provide an immersive experience that rivals that of a land-based casino. And players keep coming, thanks to an ever-expanding catalogue of creative slots and table games. 

Yet, there is a drawback to this success. Indeed, online casino rip-offs are rife on the web. So, how can you make the most of online gambling hassle-free? To avoid scams, let’s look at five fraudulent methods you should watch out on your next gambling session.

Obscure payment methods

In most online casinos, credit card payments and bank transfers are a given. But the best sites also offer a variety of reputable payment options, such as PayPal or Skrill transactions. 

Another trend is for online casinos to accept payment by cryptocurrency. Bitcoin casinos, for example, have skyrocketed in the past years. Other popular cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Solana, are also making headway. Yet, shady cryptocurrencies and payment methods are a clear sign you might be up for a scam.

On top of well-established payment methods, you should check out for SSL and TLS certificates, too. Indeed, SSL encryption is essential to guarantee that all your personal data is effectively protected against hacking and misuse.

Bonuses that seem too generous

One perk of online gambling is the range of bonuses and promotions on offer. From free spins to no-deposit bonuses and mobile-exclusive benefits, newcomers and seasoned players can claim several rewards to keep the fun going. Plus, most online casinos refresh their offers regularly.

If said bonuses seem outlandish, however, there might be something fishy. Indeed, casinos have to attract players, but not at the cost of their own profit. Therefore, unrealistic wagering conditions are one of the most common warning signs. Sometimes, withdrawal limits are even too high for you to get your money back. 

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Slow payment

Once you’ve hit the jackpot, it is time to claim your prize. That is unless you’ve been playing at a rogue casino. Unreliable casinos usually take an outrageous amount of time to process your winnings.

Of course, you cannot expect your money to arrive at your bank account in a matter of hours. That is why most casinos process payment within a week. Yet, if the transaction takes more than a month, this implies that the casino doesn’t have the proper funds to cover what they owe you.

In the worst-case scenario, some online gambling platforms even refuse to send the money your way and invoke rule violations. If you sense there might be foul play, you can take the issue to the website’s regulating company.

Unlicensed online casino

The surest way to avoid online scams is to sign up on a trustworthy website. Thus, you need to look out for a gambling license. Indeed, every casino must abide by several rules that vary from region to region. 

This license should be granted by an official gambling authority. In the UK, for instance, the Gambling Commission regulates all casino providers. Usually, online casinos display their license at the bottom of their homepage.

To help you out, you can check out online gambling guides. On websites such as Asiabet, players have access to expert recommendations on all the most secure casinos in their area. Indeed, such platforms have done all the legwork of verifying whether casino websites comply with each region’s gambling acts. And they keep their advice up-to-date on any current development in gambling legislation. Besides, you can benefit from strategy tutorials and pro tips for free. 

No customer assistance available

If you’re experiencing hiccups during a gambling session, it is instrumental to reach out to someone for backup. And all reliable online casinos offer quick and responsive customer support. Whether on the phone or by email, the customer service’s contact details must be easy to find. Therefore, the lack of any contact information should be a red flag.

However, a helpdesk service doesn’t mean you’re in good hands. Thus, you should also check out customer reviews. A quick browser search will take you a long way to making the most of your online casino experience.