How to Save Money on Your Gaming Hobby

Small savings soon add up if you make them often enough

Although gaming tends to be one of the more affordable hobbies, there’s always room to save a few pennies. You’re already off to a good start by not being a polo player or a classic car collector, but there are still a few tips to help you save a little more. As well as being able to put a little money aside, it’s important that you still enjoy your hobby just as much. So, all of these tips are designed to help you make small savings, without affecting the fun you get from gaming. So, without further ado, here’s how to save a little here and there on your gaming hobby.

Look Out For Bonuses

Some styles of gaming are more forthcoming with their deals than others and when it comes to the most generous, it tends to be online casinos. These sites generally offer deals to people who haven’t played on their site before, so that they can show the games that they have on offer. The simplest way to save money on your hobby is to only sign up for sites that can give you a great sign-up offer. This casino reviews site has compiled a list of the best casino no deposit bonus sign-up deals that you can make the most of if you’re New Zealand based. Of all of the offers that a site can provide, a no deposit bonus is generally the most useful as there’s no outlay for you to consider. The site will deposit play money into your account and whatever you win is yours. In terms of saving money, regularly switching sites and making use of as many sign-up bonuses as you can is the key. Slots fans should also remember that free spins are just as valuable for you, as they work in exactly the same way, but are tailored to your game of choice.

Sometimes, Loyalty Pays

If you’re in the business of being loyal, then the above tip might not be the most useful for you. Perhaps you’ve already found the best online casino for you, or maybe you have a platform game, or a particular developer that you’ll never stray far from. If that’s the case, then you should look out for loyalty reward schemes. Some online casinos offer bonuses to only their members, whilst some games offer points for every hour you spend on the game, or every expansion pack you buy. When playing a game in which you’re likely to purchase bonus content, make sure you’re signed into your account so that you can make use of any bonuses that come your way. You’re less likely to get the huge savings this way, but if you play regularly then it’ll all add up. Plus, if you really love a particular game then sign up for the mailing list. You might actually enjoy reading the news relating to the game and there’s generally a thank you for signing up too. Additionally, some members only sales are announced in newsletters, so it pays to be well informed.

Become a Games Tester

fredrick tendong 6ou8gWpS9ns unsplash

If you really want to save money, then one of the places that you can really hold onto those pennies is by not paying for the game in the first place. We’re not suggesting that you illegally download them, but that you become a games tester. There are loads of different routes into game testing, depending on how seriously you want to take it. If you’re a really good gamer with a great eye for detail, then you might be lucky enough to score a paid position as an actual full-time games tester. You’ll likely be playing short sections of games in order to check for glitches, but it’s still cool to see how a new release is going to look before everybody else gets to. As well as that, if you make it to professional game testing level then you’re not only going to save money on buying new releases, you’re also going to get paid for your time. For those who don’t want to switch careers just yet, on platforms like Steam you can register your interest in games that are still in development. As the development of the game progresses, the company might start looking for people to do Beta testing. This is where a basic version of the game, or a small completed section of the game is released to testers like you and the company asking for feedback. You might have a thinned down plotline and a few glitches, but you’ll be playing a new release completely free.