How to find more time to do what you like

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All of us, at least once in our lives, have had to come to terms with the starkness of an undeniable fact: there is never enough time to devote to what we really enjoy, to our favourite pastimes. We live in a hyper-globalised society that travels at the speed of light, imprinting this inhuman rapidity even on the miserable pawns that feed, animate and populate it every day, transforming it into a creature faster and more dazzling than the day before. We get up in the morning like automatons, mechanically get into the car (or on the train) and sadly drive to the office, where we enact the most laughable of comedies. On the way home, we even have time to get nervous about traffic conditions, bad weather, or that personal project that we have wanted to devote ourselves to for so long and that for some reason (but we all know why) we have continuously postponed, almost always due to the concomitance of other work, social or family commitments. The truth is that the time we have for ourselves is less and less, and that every day we continue to devote ourselves to activities and commitments for which we have not the slightest interest. Who among us finds half an hour to read his favourite novels, to watch that film he has wanted to see for so long, or to participate in that public initiative that had suddenly awakened our curiosity? The answer is simple: almost none. With the exception of those who are already retired, a time of life when time seems to multiply (but this is not always the case), everyone else has to deal with a hectic life that leaves no room for personal passions, for what makes our hearts beat, for cultivating genuine interests.

Optimise your time

All those who recognise themselves in this description (and there are many of them) must necessarily find a solution to save themselves and their lives from an inertia that threatens to paralyse them, and which in all likelihood could prevent them from realising their goals. One aspect to work on is definitely time optimisation: take pen and paper and write down in detail how you spend your waking hours. Having everything in front of you can be immensely helpful, especially since such a schedule will make it much easier to identify the moments of the day that you could dedicate to yourself, and no one else. You will also need to acquire the ability to read between the lines: if between 6.30 and 7.15 p.m. you are busy coming home, there is nothing to prevent you from organising some personal activity for those forty-five minutes of substantial freedom, an interval of time that would otherwise be used for passively scrolling through social network message boards, or watching some pointless video. Those who enjoy entertainment related to games of chance, online slots and traditional casino games, for example, could take advantage of this downtime to indulge in a few tantalising games, perhaps blackjack or poker, or even one of the many gaming options related to slot machines. This kind of passion should be lived serenely, without too many external influences, so the moment of returning home could be perfect to indulge in gaming.

Traffic? An opportunity

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To all human beings who live in the present, and in particular to all those who would like to find more time to devote to themselves, we therefore advise you to dig into the folds of your days in search of brief moments of freedom, of fleeting intervals between engagements, and to include all those activities and passions for which there never seems to be enough time.